The smart money is on streaming video. Streaming video has proven to be pandemic and recession proof. Movie theaters, sporting events, and many other public gatherings have shut down while streaming media services are thriving.

Many film and tv production schedules have been postponed or canceled due to the worldwide pandemic. Our streaming video systems and services are cloud based and social distance compliant by nature. Our network has experienced NO interruptions during this difficult time and continues to operate at full capacity and on schedule.

We have developed a new debt-free economic model for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses with little to no risk, low startup cost, long term growth potential with no long terms contracts until you're certain our system is right for you.

Our local interest streaming video systems are designed to create and stream high definition original video presentations to smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and connected television sets across town and around the world, on a multitude of devices and platforms.

No experience in streaming media is necessary and there is no equipment to purchase or studio and office space to rent.

A local system comes with 23 years of streaming media experience, a system administrator, sales and marketing agents, and a content creator to write and produce original contemporary and historic digital film and video presentations.

If you are interested in growing and sustaining a one of a kind media property with a future, drop us a line.

Thank you!
Establish new sales & marketing channels
for your products and services and
your business associates.